Welcome to Sabine Kallas Dressage, LLC

in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming


We are dedicated to creating solid, correct and lasting foundations for the training of the horse as well as for the training of the rider. Every horse and every rider deserves respect and an atmosphere in which each individual can learn in their own time frame and to their best abilities towards their very own individual potential. We treat our riding students with safe and friendly encouragement and our training students, the equines, with an 

“artgerecht” approach, meaning we let horses be horses and communicate with them using their herd instincts, natural horsemanship philosophies and calm, encouraging but firm techniques proven successful for centuries in Germany and around the world.

Our dressage training is not limited to the sand arena, both horses and riders profit from riding out on the trail, up and down mountains and through all sorts of terrain, including water. Our goal is to help bring about confident, happy, balanced riders on safe, balanced and happy horses, in the show ring and/or for recreation alike.
Check out our One-on-One Trail Ride / Lesson offer on the " About us" page

Students aspiring to show Dressage, Classical or Western Dressage with our help and/or those who would like us to show their horses in schooling- or USDF / USEF Recognized Dressage Shows will be satisfied with our customized “training-to-showing” program.

If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and see us! You are always welcome to watch lessons and/or training sessions. There is no “training behind closed doors”.

Please meet one of our recent training horses who - on this you tube link -  is                                             ridden by Sabine Kallas in our arena at home:

                Viva Sanibel:


Each year Sabine imports a very specific selection of young promising Hannoveraner,  papered and registered Hanovarian Warmbloods with outstanding pedigrees. Already Sabine’s grandfather, the late Wilhelm Klapproth, was fond and loyal to this breed in his daily work, appreciating their qualities, refined in more than 2 centuries of stringently regulated breeding for success. German Hanovarians are being raised in herds, on varying terrain and in a hardy climate, which makes them the perfect, level-headed, agile and capable partner for all: dressage, eventing, jumping, pleasure and trail.

Sabine’s selection of prospects concentrates on a pleasing temperament, a willingness to learn and work with the rider, three very good gaits, a pretty exterior as well as a slightly smaller size within the lower 16 hands-range to accommodate the average height of female American riders.

Please have a look at our “Horses for Sale” – Section for photos and videos and feel free to call and inquire about the current imports.